Network Streaming/PFR

Net-X-Code - Media File Scanner

The Media File Scanner for Net-X-Code is an add on that can scan local, network, Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage drives and help to organize and make best use of all of your post production and broadcast media.  The Media File Scanner will provide a complete, logical view of your audio/video/still assets, and generate a list of available media so you can catalog, proxy, thumbnail, metadata extract and call third party rest interfaces, executables and scripts.


FastClip/Partial File Restore

Drastic's Net-X-Code system includes a partial file restore system, that is available as a standalone server system.  The partial file restore system includes indexing, restoration with minimum source access, proxy file generation, thumbnail generation, proxy/primary file playback, metadata extraction and an HTTP/RESTful API.  Drastic's PFR supports slow/nearline storage, traditional tape, LTO/LTFS, CXFS, HTTP(S), FTP and cloud based file access for local/private cloud, Google Cloud and Amazon S3 AWS.  Only the requested audio, video, captions and metadata are accessed from the source file.  They are used to wrap into a new local file with minimal access to the storage to allow the fastest and lowest cost restoration of original material possible.  Net-X-Code works directly with your original file formats, no mezzanine file is needed.



Net-X-Code is a group of IP capture, control, convert and output applications designed to run on one or more servers on your LAN, in the cloud, or as a hybrid. The major functions of the Net-X-Code suite include Net-X-Cmd communication infrastructure and RESTful API, Net-X-Code unicast and multicast IP video capture and conversion, Net-X-Stream IP video streamer, Net-X-Copy transcoding/clipping/partial file restoration and Net-X-Play real time player and clipping software.  Net-X-Code supports a wide variety of video IP protocols including SMPTE-2110, SMPTE-2022-6, SRT, RTP, UDP, RTMP, RTSP, HTTP(S) and most file sharing protocols.  Most file formats are supported, including MXF, MP4, MOV and TS.


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