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TcCalc Version 4.1

TcCalc is a free time code calculator developed by Drastic Technologies for Windows, macOS, Linux 64 and Android devices.



TcCalc can help you take a known time code location in one video standard and calculate where the same frame would appear in other video standards. Easily calculate between non drop frame and drop frame in NTSC, or between standard definition and HD (or larger) video standards. Simply select the video standard whose time code location is known, and then enter that time code location using the GUI or your keyboard. Then use the video standard pulldown menu to select any other video standard, and its equivalent time code location will be displayed.

Also basic calculations are available within a video standard, to add, subtract, multiply or divide so you can calculate (addition/subtraction) the length of a playlist or EDL containing assorted clips, and to calculate (multiplication/division) the length of playlists containing multiple same-length clips.

Cut, copy and paste of time codes are available as buttons or using the standard <CTRL>+X/C/V.  This allows easy movement of time code operands and results to and from TcCalc.  Time codes may be easily moved between TcCalc and other video applications (like videoQC), or to and from text files and spreadsheets.

The memory buttons provide for the use of common or frequently used time code values to be stored and used at will. Lastly, copy and paste buttons are provided so you can paste time code values held in the buffer (from previous copy operations), and so you can copy a time code value from TcCalc and past it into another application.

The following video standards are supported:

  • Frame
  • 23.98 True Time (Actual time)
  • 23.98/23.97 (Time Code)
  • Film 24 (720/1080p 24, p 23.98, psf 24, psf 23.98, 2K, 4K)
  • PAL 25 (720/1080i25/i50, p25)
  • DF 29.97 (NTSC, 720/1080i 29.97, 30, 59.94, 60)
  • NDF 30 (NTSC NDF, 720/1080i 29.97, 30, 59.94, 60)
  • PAL 50 (720/1080p 50, for editing use PAL 25)
  • DF 59.94 (720/1080p 59.94, for editing use DF)
  • NDF 60  (720/1080p 50, for editing use NDF)

TcCalc Manual (pdf)


TcCalc Downloads 

TcCalc Downloads 


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